EagleWings Cinematics is the first independent cinema situated within the Bukit Timah and King Albert Park vicinity. It comprises of 5 cinema halls with a total seating capacity of 135 seats - a Platinum Hall with 18 seats, 2 Gold Halls with 12 seats each, a Silver Hall with 30 seats and a Classic Hall with 63 seats.

The 5 halls have different colour themes to ensure the experience of movie-goers will always be unique. Every premium armchair and classic chair was painstakingly chosen with every combination of movie-goers in mind – from a couple's date night to a family gathering or a corporate event.

Premium Lounge

Our exclusive premium lounge features a 2-storey penthouse-design. The lower 1st level has a stage with the upper 2nd level overlooking the first.

A warm and cozy boutique setting for premium guests (Eagle Gold and Eagle Platinum ticket-holders) to gather and mingle for drinks and refreshments before entering to the premium screening halls for their movies. Premium guests may place additional orders for food and drinks (from the EagleWings Loft menu) to be served during the movie.

The 2nd level of the Premium Lounge can be booked alongside private movie screening events and can accommodate up to 40pax.

The 2nd level of the Premium lounge can also be booked for private events without a cinema hall booking.